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cut stone patio
paver brick patio with a fire basin


If you want to bring the outdoors into your life style nothing works better than a custom designed patio. Patios add resale value to any property. Research indicates that houses with decks or patios, on average sell for at least 4.5% more than those that don’t have an outdoor living space.Patio’s add value, because they add living space, specifically outdoor livings space.

Homes with multiple options for entertaining and relaxing are of higher value in a buyer’s eyes. With a patio you do not only get the added extra space, but the enjoyment of being outdoors. When entertaining, it gives people a place to go besides the kitchen. Lastly, there is no better setting for the family cook out than a well-designed patio.

Whether you want a paver brick patio or cut stone patio, you have come to the right place. At Allscape we do patio design, patio installation patio maintenance, and patio repair. We can build any size paver brick patio, or cut stone patio. We repair paver brick patios and repair cut stone patios. And finally we maintain paver brick patios and maintain cut stone patios.

Landscape Patio Design

Patio Design

No matter what kind of Patio you have, allscape can design,install, repair, and maintain it.

$250 off any landscape Water feature over $2000

Patio Design and Repair

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